Reviewing games, what could go wrong?

Myself and my good friend Noisefloor have many times talked about creating a gaming review site (as if there aren’t enough already). It all started June of 2014, the first time I went to E3, it was a wonderful experience and we spent almost every day we could at the convention center. However our biggest gripe was that all the press wear able skip the lines of all the games and I’m not talking like one or two here and there. Almost every time we got to the front of the line we would still have to wait and watch press group after press group show up for their “appointment” and make everyone else wait. At some point we both looked at each other and just agreed that someday we would be those assholes that get to skip everyone else.

Enter lonedoggy

Way back during the days of the original Planetside in 2003, we were playing with our clan and there was this guy named Lonedoggy. He was insane, and definitely one of the craziest people we have ever played a game with but it was also super fun. I believe he had an english accent as well which just added to his persona. Well that name always stuck with us and just made us laugh when ever we brought it up.

After that first night of E3 we went back to his apartment in LA and were thinking of names for our new big review site and lonedoggy came up and of course we went with that because it was funny to us. We just posted on instagram and linked it all back to a tumblr page for simplicity but never did anything else. We have since let that domain expire and I’m pretty sure its still available now.

Now on to

Fast forward to today and we have been to a few more E3s but rarely stay longer than one day because its just complete chaos not to mention they started to sell tickets to fans which is great but also the completely opposite of what E3 is all about.

Last year (2016) in October I had a domain name pop into my head ( I just thought it was silly to maybe have a company named “Unoriginal Name Inc.” or something like that so I snapped it up. I have sat on it since trying to think of what to do with it, originally I was thinking of a t-shirt company like a few of my other endeavors. I am wholly aware that t-shirts are overly saturated but was enjoying myself with and thought it would be good for all my random designs. As you can see from this site I just incorporated it into the NinjaStries brand instead.

As of July 1st 2017 I setup unorginalname as our gaming review site, I am unsure what type it will be but I’m leaning towards less mainstream AAA titles. I think we will try our best to stay away from the Call of Duty’s and the Halo’s and so on. I personally am more of a RTS/FPS and Noisefloor is mostly RPGs but we mix a match quite a bit and get pretty silly on the twitch streams. I’d like to move most of our reviews to video versions with a transcription on the bottom since it feels so much more organic than a edited text. We don’t even have a review up yet but I am excited to see what will come of it.

Indies and beyond!

I dabble a little bit in game dev with Unity and Unreal Engine, Noisefloor and I both when to school for game design. He actually finished with a degree specializing in sound design and went on to work with Sony. I dropped out after flip flopping to film and back to game design but I still have a lot of interest in it. You may see one of my “games” pop up on Android or iOS at some point you never know!

Thanks to my dabbling a frequent reddit/r/gamedev and many of the indie gaming reddits and see a lot of people requesting reviews of their newest indie games. We plan on adding a section focusing on these little games to try and bring more attention to the scene. I am fascinated by these games especially when they are so simple and fun that you’re like “WTF why didn’t I think of this?!” I am going to try and keep all the reviews on but if something really strikes my fancy I may promote it here as well. If you have a indie game you’d like to see promoted just send me a message and ill try and take a look.

I’ll keep adding posts and evolves into something, you never know.

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