What’s in a name or a logo for that matter

Yay blogging…

Hello! I will start by saying I have never done a real blog before, I also don’t think I am a very good writer so you may see many ramblings of who knows what! I have had this name fascination for maybe 15+ years to have a company name with ‘Ninja’ in it. Believe me I know what you’re thinking… I actually don’t own a sword or any nun-chucks or anything like that at all. I think at most I had a pair of cheap ‘Ninja’ shows from China Town in Chicago. Although I did have a bonsai tree at one time and plan to get one again when we stop traveling for work.

My first company and I use that word lightly was Ninja Systems, a computer building company that when absolutely no where. I couldn’t even get the domain name because it was taken and had to settle for YourNinja which I do still have today but don’t use it for anything. I’ll probably just have it link forward here just because.

The birth of NinjaStries

I have since moved on to NinjaStries which I have owned the domain name since 2012 but again I didn’t do anything with it. I have since used it as a umbrella corporation for all my little weird projects. I have tried to have people create a logo for it but they go so hung up on the Ninja part of it that everything came back cartoony or just Ninja-y. I had so many logos created and I finally just went to town on photoshop myself. Below are all the logos I went through either paid to have them designed or I made it myself. As you can see from my current logo on the site I went a completely different direction that all the others, its funny how sometimes you just need to go through all the wrong ones just to finally end up with the one you really wanted. All the ones I paid for were created cheaply on fiver.com which I have had a lot of luck with the rest of my endeavors such as zeldatreasures.com or batpigdog.com but on WearWisco.com I had a hard time finding someone that could truly understand Wisconsin so I made my own for that one as well.

Anyhow I am happy to finally be using this name for something real. I plan on rambling here about what I may be working on at this time or that. I am not ashamed to say that I will be using affiliated links to whatever I can get my hands on however I don’t plan on putting up ads or anything like that especially since I am personally banned from Adsense from my old bitcoin days.. but thats for another time.

Feel free to comment on which logo you thought looked horrible or good or whatever!


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